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Welcome to Elite Nail Art

Get ready to start printing incredible images on fingernails!

High fashion nail art is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the fashion industry. With the demand for high quality equipment getting more widespread, Elite Nail Art introduces it’s newest high fashion nail printing system the “Elite Pro-55”.

Treat your clients to a fun and exciting experience. The Elite Pro-55 High Fashion Nail Printer provides thousands of designs with unlimited possibilities. The Elite Pro-55 system intelligence comes from a powerful and reliable Toshiba computer that gives the operator the capability of custom designing innovative nail art for clients. Included with the system are thousands of designs that will satisfy the most discriminating of tastes. Your clients can browse through the catalog of designs, view thousands of other designs onboard the computer or take any digital photograph to create their own.

Our proprietary software incorporates special custom and editing features that will take your imagination to the next level. Choosing the right design and printing couldn’t be any easier. Unlike other systems that only print on one nail at a time the Elite Pro-55 allows you to print on five fingers or toe nails at one time. Which means it takes less time to give great service to your clients making you more productive and profit.

The Elite Pro-55 is the only high quality system that is portable. Take it anywhere! Weighing in at under 15 lbs for both the printer and computer it takes less then a minute from setup to printing high fashion designs. From your nail salon to your friends house, wedding party, it's comfortable anywhere you take it and profitable too. Don’t get left behind, be in the forefront with the Elite Pro-55. It’s easy, it’s fast and best of all it’s fun!

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